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Youth Eco Theater

This program empowers kids ages 6 - 15 to create their own stories & characters exploring pressing issues of environmental stewardship & sustainability.

Soul of the Sun

Enjoy the final performance of the Youth Eco-Theater Troupe!

Abigail Monee is called to an exciting and inspiring adventure to bring the Song of the Sun back to earth and transform the anger and conflict of humanity.


Behind the Scenes: The Creation of the Play!

Soul of the Sun


Act I


Fighters are battling each other. Music: "Baiao Destemperado” by The Barbatuques.


Narrator: At a time when the Earth was rampant with anger & conflict, two girls hid in a cave to find peace. The Sun, disgusted by the way humans were treating each other & their planet, one day disappeared.


Melia (Jendaya): It’s dark Abigail, what time is it?


Abigail (Maya): It’s only 2 pm, sis.


Mole (Bella): (bursts in, anxious) Hey! The Sun disappeared! What are we going to do?


Abigail: (ponders a moment) Let’s build a spaceship to bring it back!


All: Yeah!

Narrator: Because the girls had been in a cave for the past 7 years, their eyes were well adapted to complete darkness so they made their way nimbly outside to begin constructing a spaceship.


Melia: So, who’s gonna go up in it? There’s only one spot – and I’m kind of scared…


Abigail: Sis, I’ve dreamed of this for years! But I can’t leave you all alone here…


Mole: What do you mean alone?!


Abigail: Ok, time for lift-off!


All Cheer “Diez! Nueve! Ocho! Siete! Seis! Cinco! Cuatro! Tres! Dos! Uno! Vamanos!”


Improv Dance: Abigail flying through space. Music: “Birdsong” by Poemme.


Fear Monster (Ariel) enters & scares Abigail, who screams & backs away, shocked. Music: “Wolf Totem” by The Hu. After a moment of staring each other in the eye as the Fear Monster continues drumming, the drum is set down & Abigail approaches the Monster. Every motion that Abigail makes, the Monster mimics until Abigail attempts to hit the Monster. At this point they both fall to the ground.


Fear Monster: You’re just like the other humans back on Earth – fighting me, you’re fighting yourself! What is it that you really want from the Sun anyway?


Abigail: I want to see myself, to know myself.


Fear Monster:  You don’t need the Sun out there to know yourself – all you have to do is sing your own song!


Abigail ponders for a moment before gently rising & singing: “Song to Sing”


I’ve got a song to sing

I am listening

I am worthy

I’ve got a song to sing

I’ve got a song to sing

It’s a song for the world,

It’s a song for the sun

It’s a song for you

It’s a song for me

its a song for every living thing

Because I’ve got 

The song is inside 

The song is alive

The song is in our hearts

The song


The Sun (Camila) comes out & starts singing along with Abigail.


The Sun: Thank for singing me that song! Please, will you bring me home!


Abigail and the Sun return to Earth where All celebrate! Music: “Song of the Sleeping Forest” by Susumu Yokota.


The Sun: I will stay as long as you share your song all around the Earth and learn the songs of Nature as well.


Act II


Cloudy the Hamster (Maksim) gnaws on a shoe. Audrey (Mia), pulls the shoe away from Cloudy.


Audrey: Bad hamster! Cloudy, what is it about my shoe that is so tasty?


Cloudy smiles mischievously but when Forest Spirit (Hadley) enters, Cloudy trembles in fear & hides under a carpet. Audrey turns around to see the Spirit – she is undisturbed.


Forest Spirit: Dear Audrey, we need your assistance! The Last Forest on Earth is in danger!


Audrey: The Last Forest? What can I do? I’m just a girl…


Forest Spirit: You are a powerful girl! No other human can speak with the animals like you! Please, will you help us – the trees, the creatures, the water?


Audrey: Only if I can bring Cloudy!


Cloudy: Are you crazy! I’m not going to the forest!


Audrey: You must help me Cloudy – no trees, no nuts!


Cloudy: (Anxious) No nuts!


Audrey and Cloudy follow Forest Spirit into the woods where they meet Deer Wizard (Willow). Music: “Arcoiris” by Porangui.


Deer Wizard: I will show you the way to the Dolphin of the Magic Lake. Stay close!


They walk to the Magic Lake where they meet Dolphin (Deilany).


Dolphin: Thank you Deer Wizard, you are a gracious guide.


Deer Wizard: Not just a guide! I am the most powerful magician in this forest!


Dolphin walks out of the lake.


Dolphin: Oh really? Well can you live on land & in the water?


Deer Wizard: (Pauses, pulls a mushroom from the ground.) Well, can you turn a mushroom into a bunny rabbit?


Audrey: (Annoyed) Ok, can you cut to the chase! Why did you ask me to help save this place?


Dolphin sings: “Magic Dolphin”, Part A


I’m a magic dolphin

I live here in the last forest

We need someone to help us

So we have more forest to live in

so Listen,

can you listen?

to the wisdom

can you listen?


The Animals shout out: “Don’t let them destroy our homes!”


A loud crash sounds in the distance. The Logger (Jonathan) calls out for Audrey.


Audrey: It’s Dad!


Audrey runs toward her father eagerly. She goes to hug him but he holds her sternly by the shoulders.


Logger: Why did you leave the house without letting me know? Come on, let’s go back now – it’s dangerous out here! (Pauses, looking around at the trees.) But first, let me take a few of these trees…


Audrey: No! You can’t! (Points to the animals.) You’ll destroy their homes!


Logger turns at attention when Dolphin splashes.


Dolphin sings: “Magic Dolphin” Part B


Do you know that your daughter is special?

She can talk to the animals

She understands their needs

She listens to what they say

She might be here to save the day

So listen to her

Can you Listen to her?

Listen to her

Cuz she hears the song of the animals


Logger looks around the forest, listening to The Animals as they cry out: “You’re a criminal! Leave our homes alone! We have a right to live here just as much as you do!” The Logger breaks down, crying. The animals gather around him.


Logger:  What can we do to help you?


Deer Wizard: It’s easy! Why not use recycled materials to build with? Or fast-growing bamboo? And you can build your homes right here amongst the trees like us!


Cloudy: And you should plant some trees, too! Especially for nuts!


All begin planting trees and building homes together in the forest.




Bella (Bella) and the penguin, Mr. Waddles (Amayah), are playing chess.


Bella: Checkmate! It’s getting hot! Let’s go to the beach!


Mr. Waddles: Oui oui! J’ai chaud! Je dois aller dans l’eau!


Bella: Allons-y!


Bella & Mr. Waddles start walking to the beach where they encounter a rally along the way.


Interviewer 1 (Mia): Ms. Mayor, what do you think about all the trash in the ocean?


Mayor (Payton): I don’t know…


Interviewer 2 (Jendaya): Why don’t we just collect all of it?


Mayor: Why don’t you collect all of it?


Interviewer 3 (Willow): We could recycle it!


Mayor: And who’s going to pay for that? Plus, it takes too much time & energy!


Suddenly, a loud gurgling comes from the ocean. Music: “Jaw’s Theme”. The Trash Monster (Mesa) arises from the crashing waves, growling, and approaches the crowd, all of whom run off frantically except for Bella, Kassy & Mr. Waddles.


Mr. Waddles: (Trembling) J’ai peur! (Hides under a towel)


Kassy: (Frightened) Come on Bella! Let’s go!


Bella: Not so fast! Do you hear that?


Trash Monster: (Softly) Help!


Bella: What?


Trash Monster: (Softly) Help! Help me!


Mr. Waddles peeks out from under the towel.


Bella: (to the Monster) What do you need?


Trash Monster: (Softly but frustrated) Help get this trash off me!


Bella approaches the Trash Monster cautiously and begins to remove the trash piece by piece. As she works, humming a tune, Kassy joins along, followed by the townspeople & finally, Mr. Waddles. When the trash is completely removed, we see a beautiful, glistening whale shark.


Sing: “Ocean”


Water, Oh water, water oh water

Water, Oh water, water oh water

(Mr waddles and Bella)

Water is sacred

We Don’t throw trash in the water 2 times

(Trash monsters)

Everybody needs water

Water provides us in many different ways

Thank you for the water

We are swimming in the water (Mr waddles)

And were drinking the water 

(Mr waddles)

Water provides us with life

We are made of Water

So we keep the water clean


Narrator: Like this, the people of Earth cleaned the Oceans & continued to live in harmony with all life, singing the songs of nature together.

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