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Staff Orientation

Core Staff

Consists of caretakers, management,

program builders. Paid position.


Community members and/or parents: facilitate 1-2 hour specific offering. They have experience working with children and their offering. Paid position.

Volunteer Caretaker

Parents/guardians who wish to exchange hours for "Body Bucks", which they can use to pay for daycare services or other offerings at Body.

Volunteer Facilitator

Come to facilitate an offering, they have little or no experience with children and/or their offering. Not Paid.

Children Inner.png

Pre-Parenting & Re-Inner-Childing Internship

A program for interns who wish to become parents, are soon to become parents, wish to reconnect with their inner-child or want more experience with children to start “pre-parenting”.

Expectations & Desired Qualities of Staff

Man in Blue Practicing Kung Fu

- Parents / Experienced Teachers / People who love Children

- Compassionate, Loving, Trusting

- Reliable and Timely

- Wish to share and express their unique gifts, skills and talents & wish the same for the children

- Willing to continuously evolve their methods of engagements, teaching & relationship with themselves, the children and team members

- Promoting & supporting sovereignty & self-responsibility

- Willing to be a team player & co-create

Daily Staff

2 core staff and 1-2 volunteers / interns = 4 - 8 hours a day

1 facilitator or 1 volunteer facilitator & 1 volunteer or Intern = 1 - 4 hours a day

Services Offered

LONGTERM (Set amount of days & hours per week)

OPEN DROP-OFF (Any day & time)

Maximum children: 15 - 20

Age Groups: Infants, 2 - 6, 6 - 12

Operating Hours


Mon - Fri 5 hours a day

2 - 3 x evenings a week: 2-3 hours


Mon - Fri 5 hours a day

Sat - Sun 3 - 5 hours a day

3 x evenings a week 2 - 3 hours


Mon - Friday 8 hours a day

Sat and Sun 3 - 5 Hours a day 

3 x evenings a week 2 - 3 Hours


Encouraging Expression & Creativity,

Emotional & Conscious Communication,

Embodiment & Presence,

Respecting & Encouraging Age-Appropriate Sovereignty

Consensual & Conscious Touch Practices


Dance, Art, Song & Music

Storytelling, Performance

Emotional intelligence

Nature Expeditions

Embodiment Practices: somatic tracking, relaxation / grounding techniques, self-awareness practices

Conscious consent & touch

Conscious communications skills

Supporting independence and unique gifts

Education in the seasons, nature, alphabet, animal, the world, calendar, food preparation, cleaning, responsibility & more


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