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Design & Installation
of Mural Projects

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"All Life is Sacred"

Santa Fe, NM



Jonathan Meade

Creative Director

The idea for this design was inspired as a prayer for healing and coming together to uplift our community and provide a symbol for hope and solidarity. Now is a time of great mystery, as well as reconciliation and transformation for the bettering of all our relations to unify all walks of life and restore balance. This mural is also a celebration of diversity and an affirmation for the renewing of our bonds to each other and the Earth in friendship and co-creation. 


The composition is rich with mythology and meaning, speaking to a sense of place, culture, and the interconnectedness of our world. The central figure in this piece, which depicts the archetype of the universal mother, is a homage to the Tewa, the original ancestors of this land, which they called Ogapogee, "the land of the white sea shell”. The man below, "Cesar" is a dedication to the hardworking laborers many of whom gather daily near the Guadalupe Church, they are like the pollinators that help to make the flowers, fruit, and honey. The plants in this piece are references to spiritual and homeopathic medicines to soothe and alleviate pain and suffering. The dinosaurs and aquatic animals hint to the geologic past while the pegasus alludes to the timeless and magical qualities of life such as love and synchronicity. 

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