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We are All Aboard Earth! You are All Aboard Earth!

Up We Go!

We are a collective of visionary artists, musicians & environmental educators intent on building a culture of ecological geniuses,

One Heart at a time!

About: About Us
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Michael Meade

a.k.a. Potion Deep

a.k.a. Papa Sol

Hailing from Santa Fe, NM, Michael continued a legacy of environmental stewardship in community service through his upbringing and completed a degree in Sustainability with Connecticut College. Post-schooling, he pursued certifications in organic farming and permaculture, integrating these disciplines in his service as an educator. Having taught with schools and environmental education organizations around the country, Michael’s unique approach to teaching adapts his love for multi-media arts (music, dance, visual arts & film) as a vehicle for demonstrating ecological concepts. He served on the Board of the Santa Fe Community Farm in 2012-2013, spearheaded school garden programs at Agua Fria Elementary and Mandela Magnet School, worked as an Americorps Sustainability Educator and built the mosaic for Earth Care’s community garden at Zona del Sol. Besides assisting with All Aboard Earth’s public mural works, Michael produces youth concerts and events nurturing environmental stewardship through arts and music.

About: Michael Meade
About: Jonathan Meade

Jonathan Meade

a.k.a. Earth Baby Boombox

Jonathan Meade is a creative activist who was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His love of diversity is inspired by the richness, color, and beauty he discovers in the variety of cultural and biological expressions of life. He finds himself at home both in nature and in the city where he is able to blend into his environment to receive and learn more about the different ways of life in the global village. He sees culture as a living entity that exists in a relational dynamic of exchange ever evolving and transforming with the world while influencing it as well. He has produced art for numerous rallies and protests around climate change and social justice and serves as the creative Director for the company All Aboard Earth that aims to inform public discourse and raise awareness around social and environmental issues. He has exhibited his artwork in juried exhibitions at Santa Fe Clay, Zane Bennett Contemporary Art, and form & concept gallery. Art is medicine to him, providing a means to heal the heart of humanity and nurture loving relationships and meaningful connections amongst all people. He sees Art as a vehicle for transformation and celebration, raising the vibration of life, and spreading a positive vision for the future. Along with his team he has painted “The Great Coming Together” a mural in Santa Fe at Body of Santa Fe partially funded by the Culture Connects CARES Artist Mini-grant through City of Santa Fe Arts & Culture Department. He is passionate about the role public art plays in inspiring cultural pride and a sense of belonging. through imagining and re-envisioning the story of a place and the understanding of it.


Daniela Chacon

A South Western desert child- New Mexico born and Texas raised. Daniela is a writer, formally educated mechanical engineer, practicing esthetician, and devotee to holistic breathing, body awareness, and yogic practices. Constantly adapting to living life as a breathing miracle and dedicated to discovering heart expanding practices. Her previous exposure to the industrial corporate complex of massive food production further strengthens and reinforces Daniela's imperative to advocate for community integration towards food sovereignty and economic independence. Heavenly Care and intentional healing space for the body’s nervous system are incorporated in her esthetics practice. She is also involved in advocacy through writing projects for The Tessa Foundation regarding: multigenerational and multicultural harmonization, ecological responsibility, and recognizing how The Youth is the Earth’s most valuable resource. Daniela is led by wild devotion to bring humanity's consciousness further into Wholeness.

About: Dani
About: Maru Silver

Maru Silver

Maru is a Native New Mexican with roots in Guatemala. He explores place and identity through music and movement. With a background in hip hop, Latin dance, Ecstatic dance, 5 Rhythms, and gymnastics he enjoys teaching and holding space for movers and dancers. Maru also has a background teaching youth gymnastics and dance. For many years he worked with children in treatment centers and offered trauma-informed support. He enjoys learning about sustainability and exploring nature with his daughter.


Chelsee Stewart

A 22 year old African American woman, she has committed her life to freedom and empowerment for herself and others. She is passionate about connecting communities through her active participation in various communities in Santa Fe and globally through the online space. As a community connector, public speaker and movement artist, she inspires others and guides both individuals and groups in their evolutionary journeys. Chelsee organizes a diverse community to come together each week to our local farm, Full Circle to encourage people to reconnect to the land. She is incredibly passionate about empowering every culture to claim their cultural roots through seed, dance, song, and prayer. She is passionate about building loving relationships and creating an enlivened community that supports the larger vision of inclusion and unity among all races and walks of life. Chelsee is devoted to her own embodiment of self love and living authentically with the intention of supporting her generation and youth towards living in harmony with each other and the Earth.

About: Chelsee Stewart

Isabel Harkins

Isabel Harkins was born in Santiago, Chile and grew up in the Peruvian Andes & Amazon, where she learned ancient healing ways by the Shaman Mama that raised her. Isabel knew at a very young age that she wanted to make a difference in the world and she grew completely connected with the earth and its beings. Since she was a child, she sensed that all people were connected somehow and never doubted it –

that is how energy works! We are one.

She applied her training and upbringing in shapeshifting and healing arts to start the journey of changing her perception of the world around her. During this long ago process, she learned the tools that she now shares with thousands.

She is a Registered Polarity Practitioner, an Integrative Craniosacral Practitioner, Level 2 Certified iRest Facilitator and registered three levels Qi-Gong Instructor, a graduate of the Anthony Robbins-Madanas life coaching programs, and Chopra certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor.

She has shared the stage with Wayne Dyer, Gary Young, and other inspirational speakers. Her commitment to selfless service is her drive; she always finds the time to lend a helping hand mentoring people to access their own tools.  Her life continues to be about selfless service.

About: Isabel Harkins

Hannah Rapp

Nurtured by the grassroots of Louisville Kentucky, Hannah Rapp is an artist, Eco-Expressive Arts Therapist, and Therapeutic Climbing Guide. Her work in these areas and in her personal creative pieces are inspired by the way in which the wild landscapes within our emotions and body reflect the wild spaces of nature. Her exploration in the lush forests of Kentucky illuminated her imagination and educated her own self-awareness, which is reflected within her creative work. She is a bridge of communities and passionate to guide others in uplifting and embodying their soul essence and healing through creative expression, intuitive movement, community art activism and nature immersion. For Hannah, moving to Santa Fe 8 years ago was the spark of transformation and initiation into cultural traditions and prayer, rites of passage, and community consciousness. Over the last 5 years she's been studying and participating in various Rites of Passage traditions acknowledging the deep need for these traditions to be valued, honored, revived and incorporated into new and old communities.

About: Hannah Rapp
About: Sarah Meade

Sarah Meade

Sarah Meade holds a Masters of the Environment, Sustainability Planning & Management. Along with organizational counseling, she guides intercultural dialogue & awareness through our program.

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