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Youth Sustainability


A sustainability-themed educational curriculum integrating STEM learning with music, dance & visual arts. Through hands-on science activities, gardening projects and ecological living experiments, this program empowers kids to green their homes, neighborhoods & hearts. Our on-site performances & environmental activism mentorships empower youth with knowledge & creative resources to create change in their communities. This curriculum serves public, private & home schools, museums, zoos and camps.



Up We Go

ALL ABOARD EARTH is a multimedia collective inspiring a positive change for the planet through playful ecological regenerative and imaginative ideas shared through art, music, and design. 


We aim to embody an uplifting vision for the future creating a soulful narrative that celebrates diversity, emboldens playfulness, expresses love, encourages collaboration, and inspires a balanced healthy lifestyle for the people and the planet. 


We're active, forward-thinking, optimistic, playful, and ready for the future that's soon to be.


Up We Go, we've got a lot to do on this big blue ship, but together we can make a positive impact, and make a great change in the world. A long journey starts with little steps, All Aboard? 


Ready about, that's how we say in sailing we're making a turn, you ready crew? 

Time to turn a new leaf, time to turn it up, time to make a turn for the better. 

Be the vision. Check out the gear. Hear the music. Learn. Grow. Play. Live.   

This is futuristic.... 

Green New Deal. Renewable Energy. Regenerative Agriculture. Hemp Revolution. Bio-plastics. Cradle to Cradle. Toxic Free. Local. Green Design. School Gardens. Food Democracy. Ocean Clean Up. Soil Remediation. Carbon Sequestration. Biodynamic Farming. Waters Pure. Forests Thriving. Animal Sanctuaries. Wildlife Conservation.