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Be The Change Mentorship

Providing budding artists with networking & creative resources to spearhead environmental activism campaigns in their own communities, we share our knowledge of film, audio, graphic design & mural installation to empower youth as change-makers!

This program brings themes of water conservation, energy & land use, food production, waste management, transportation, urban & industrial ecology to underserved youth & families throughout Northern New Mexico using a multi-disciplinary, arts-based approach.

Beneficiaries: Public, private & home schools, museums, zoos and camps

Dance & Song Routines

Integrating scientific discovery with movement & song bridges multiple learning modalities, boosting cardiovascular, emotional & neurological health while inspiring creative thinking.

Produced at Dirtfloor Revival Studios, Santa Fe, NM

Theatrical Presentations

Using props & visual display boards, we get students off their screens to engage inter-personal connection through performances, games & activities.