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Join us in creating a complete production start to finish! Participants may focus in a chosen discipline for the duration of the program or explore various topics including: script writing, character development, costume & set design, make-up, acting, song & dance!
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10% of All Revenue is Donated to GiveWell's Maximum Impact Fund

Early Bird [until 1/28/22]: $480 / student ($40 / class)
Register 2 Students: 10% price reduction per student
Register 3 Students: 15% price reduction per student
Register 4 Students: 20% price reduction per student

After 1/28/22: $540 / student ($45 / class)

Payment Plans may be taken advantage of by anyone, regardless of financial need. This option is available to families who prefer to split their balance into two or three installments. No application is required; if you would like to arrange a payment plan, simply email us at

Scholarships will be granted on a case by case basis to those families who demonstrate a strong financial need, and who would be otherwise unable to participate in our classes. All families, with exceptions granted only in the most extreme cases, will be required to pay a minimum of 30% of tuition costs. Because of budget limitations, we are generally only able to cover one student in each eligible family. If you would like to apply for a scholarship award, simply email us at

BODY: 333 W. Cordova Rd., Santa Fe, NM

Program Timeline

Yellow Marionette

Week 1

January 30: Class Culture & Chemistry, Growth Mindset, Conquering Self-Consciousness, Building Courage & Body Positivity, Celebrating Ecology

Childrens Show

Week 4 & 5

February 20 & February 27: Character Work, Script Definition, Auditions

Puppets with Strings

Week 9 & 10

March 27 & April 3): Dress Rehearsals

Tango Dancers

Week 2

February 6: Character Dev., Story-Telling, Becoming Animals, Enacting Predator-Prey & the Food Web, Creating Ecosystems,

Costumes & Puppets

Party Props

Week 6 & 7

March 6 & 13: Rehearsals, Advanced Character Development, Script Refinement, Props & Set Design, Costumes & Make-Up Modeling

Red Chairs

Week 11 & 12

April 10 & April 17: Final Performance! Start Times: 1 pm & 2:30 pm. Location TBD


Week 3

February 13: Story Development, Creation by Consensus, Communication through Compromise, Addressing Youth Concerns of the Environment

Fairy Chimneys

Week 8

March 20: Equinox Celebration & Field Trip: The Realm of the Fae (Hosted by Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences, Facilitated by Arin Dineen!

Our Team
Professional producers, film-makers, educators, therapists, actors, artists & dancers.We have AHA First Aid Certified staff on premises during program.
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Lead Instructor: Michael Meade
Michael earned his Bachelor's Degree in Sustainability in 2010 & since then  has worked in the fields of environmental education with youth of all ages, directing school garden programs, farm camps, permaculture workshops & stewardship campaigns. With All Aboard Earth, Michael has directed several educational film productions. He has taught in public & private schools as well as InterAct Theater School in Santa Barbara.
Attendance / Cancellation Policy
If you have to drop out of the program, you may substitute another person in your place. Refunds will also be dispersed on a case by case basis as needed.